Heliquip Madagascar

In 1996 Heliquip was first introduced to Madagascar an island of its very own beauty and ecological system. Over the years we have carried out many a varied operation, however our core operations are VIP transport, Humanitarian Aid, Photography and Mining Surveying. Helicopters are a viable business tool in Madagascar as the infrastructure is limited. The Government is actively developing and improving the infrastructure and in time access to more and more place will become easier and quicker. Heliquip believes that there are many opportunities in assisting the people of Madagascar and is establishing itself for the long term. We have one permanent Bell 407 based in Antananarivo and from time to time ferry from South Africa an AS350 series helicopter to compliment the operation. We are looking at having an AS350 helicopter permanently based in Tana in 2009. For further information on our operations in Madagascar please e-mail

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