At the Controls

Trained at Westminster Technical Institute for Engineers in England, Peter has been flying for more than 50 years, 40 on them in helicopters. At the age of 18 he was already flying Tiger Moths, Harvards, Spitsfires and Rapide aeroplanes for the Southern Rhodesian Airforce. Thereafter he operated as a commercial pilot for eight years, carrying out assignments in South Africa, the Caribbean, central and North America and on offshore rigs in Nigeria.

In 1961 he rejoined the Rhodesian Air force, where he flew helicopters. He subsequently emigrated to South Africa and Started Heliquip with a single Hughes 300 helicopter in 1967. At the time there were only two helicopter companies in the country. Heliquip started off providing its services to game ranches and construction companies.

After more than fifty years in the aviation industry, Piggott's business philosophy is simple. "Our clients spend a lot of money on their aircraft so they expect first-class service." He insists there is never too little time to do a job properly. In a business where mistakes can costs lives, honesty with clients is essential. "If the client's aircraft has to stay on the ground, we say so."

Cost is less important to the airborne executive than safety and quality of service. At Heliquip the approach is that we would rather not do the job than have to compromise high standards. Honesty with customers is the order of the day. "We don't look for flash-in-the-pan business. So people always come back."


Christopher Piggott is the Managing Director of Heliquip. Christopher’s involvement dates back to 1990 when after completion of his Military Service joined the Heliquip Team on a permanent basis. Christopher more technical; completed Technical College in the electronics and engineering field thereby moving into the AMO side of Heliquip assisting and carrying out maintenance on the company’s fleet of helicopters. It wasn’t long however before starting to move within the company and after further studying and Diploma’s Christopher was involved in the Sales and Administration of Heliquip. In 2002 Christopher was appointed Managing Director of Heliquip and has been in the driving seat ever since with his father as he icon and close confident and adviser.